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About me

I am a professor in the Department of Education‘s Applied Linguistics Program at Concordia University in Montréal. My research focuses on cognitive aspects of second language processing, second language speech learning, sociolinguistic aspects of second language acquisition, and the teaching of second language pronunciation. I have served as Journal Editor of Language Learning (2015-2019, 2022-2023).


My research

I investigate how child and adult second-language speakers process and learn second language speech and what experiential, psychological, and sociolinguistic factors influence their learning.


Previous and current research projects


Journal articles and book chapters


Undergraduate and graduate courses


Current students

My students are members of the Concordia Applied Linguistics Lab.
Rachael Lindberg

PhD student

Oguzhan Tekin

PhD student

Anamaria Bodea
Anamaria Bodea

PhD student

Chaoqun Zheng
Chaoqun Zheng

PhD student

Sadie Sitges

MA student


Applied linguistics lab

The Concordia applied linguistics lab (CAL lab) is jointly directed by Kim McDonough and Pavel Trofimovich.

Research focus

Our research focuses on cognitive, interactional, social, and experiential variables involved in second and additional language learning and use

Versatile methods​

The lab’s recent projects make use of eye-tracking, audio- and video-recording, and galvanic skin response sensors to investigate various verbal and nonverbal features of interaction involving university-level speakers of English as a second language.


Rich experiences

All lab members work on multiple research projects relevant to their research interests and have opportunities to share their research findings through conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications.


To become lab members, students must apply to and be accepted into the PhD Program or MA Program in applied linguistics following regular procedures and be assigned by the admissions committee to Pavel Trofimovich or Kim McDonough as their principal academic supervisors.

Why applied linguistics at Concordia?



My former doctoral and postdoctoral students - now colleagues - are pursuing various productive careers around the globe.
Jenn Foote
Jennifer Foote

University of Alberta

Kym Taylor Reid
Kym Taylor Reid

Concordia University (PhD 2022)

Randy Appel
Randy Appel

Waseda University

Aki Tsunemoto
Aki Tsunemoto

Kansai University

Dato Abashidze
Dato Abashidze

Leibniz-Centre General Linguistics

Annie Bergeron
Annie Bergeron

Concordia University (PhD 2020)


Get in touch

Concordia University
Department of Education
1455 de Maisonneuve West
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1M8